The Million Dollar Theater (1981), Downtown Los Angeles, California, United States

Angels of Art Déco

Los Angeles started developing rapidly at the turn of the century. In 1920s, it had 80% of global film production, and the world’s highest concentration of movie theaters in its Downtown district. While the golden age of movie palaces is long gone, and many of the theaters closed down or were re-purposed, their architecture is still there to admire, so why not have a look. Continue reading

Szcz#$%… What? The World’s #1 Vowel-Deprived Surname

Did you know that of all the 111 letters in the word ‘Szczepański,’ exactly 72.72% are consonants, only 27.27% are vowels, and 0.01% is a rounding error?

This post explains the meaning and likely origin of the Szczepański surname (last name). It also has some background information about geography, Steve Jobs, and other Polish surnames, particularly the ones ending with -ski. Continue reading