Street in Zhongshan (中山), Taipei, Taiwan

Chop Suey Taipei

In Taipei, a single step in one direction often means a step into a different world. Top-notch and excellent borders shabby and dilapidated. Lively, scooter-ridden thoroughfares give the city an interesting dynamics, while vivid signboards all around see to the fact that no color is left unrepresented. Although neither strong on sights nor a serene honeymoon recluse, Asia’s least touristy capital wins you over being unique and authentic. See it now.

Note: administratively, Taipei is actually two different cities, but that’s just an idiosyncrasy unworthy of the general public’s attention. Also, “chop suey” is not an actual Chinese dish, and you can’t really eat it in Taipei. Sorry.

Reave a Leply

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