Dante's Peak, Death Valley National Park, California, United States

Delicious Deserts

Despite the incessant influx of immigrants to America, it is not at all impossible to travel for a hundred miles without seeing another human being. For that experience, and — more importantly — a lot of primeval, rugged, unspoilt nature, head to the vast deserts of the Southwest.

Wikipedia can tell you more about the Antelope Canyon in the Navajo Nation, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Death Valley, the Joshua Tree Park, and the Mojave Preserve in California, as well as the Zion Park in Utah, all of which are included in the gallery.

For travel information, refer to the following NPS websites: Death Valley NP, Grand Canyon NP, Joshua Tree NP, Mojave National Preserve, and Zion NP. Antelope Canyon Lake Powell Navajo Park also has their own Page.

Reave a Leply

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