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My secret technique is to take a lot of photos, check if there are any decent ones, and delete the rest. Here you can see the lucky ones.

East Coast of Taiwan (台灣東部海岸)

Coastal Circle

Taiwan’s East Coast is the area most battered by typhoons. It is also prone to earthquakes and only accessible by a narrow, winding, undivided road. All these factors are a blessing in disguise that allowed it to stay in relatively pristine condition, which you can see here.

As a bonus, we also witness an oyster farm harvest in the West Coast, and see some gems from the northern and southern extremities of the island. Continue reading

Street in Zhongshan (中山), Taipei, Taiwan

Chop Suey Taipei

In Taipei, a single step in one direction often means a step into a different world. Top-notch and excellent borders shabby and dilapidated. Lively, scooter-ridden thoroughfares give the city an interesting dynamics, while vivid signboards all around see to the fact that no color is left unrepresented. Although neither strong on sights nor a serene honeymoon recluse, Asia’s least touristy capital wins you over being unique and authentic. See it now. Continue reading